An adequate horse for you

  • An appropriate selection of show horses makes it possible to visit and try a horse which fits your abilities.
  • Worldwide connections to breeders and trainers enable us to offer you many other talented horses
  • Please look at “Horses for sale” and “Successful horses” to find a selection of our current horses and references.

Training Courses

  • Our skilled staff breaks in and train young horses.
  • We offer best impressions of your horse in tournaments
  • With solid knowledge and long lasting experience, we ensure that your horse will experience a great development, from breaking in up to the participation in sophisticated show jumps.


  • „Train & Try“ – Try our horses under professional guidance of Axel Abhau
  • „Youngster Meeting“ – Presentation of our young horses
  • „Show Jumping“ – Training under real conditions on different levels with professional guidance.


  • We regularly host training courses with professional coaches for young and senior level equestrians
  • By using modern tools such as video analysis, we help you to upgrade your education in a contemporary manner.

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